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We design and

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% discount

for equity1

1 Get a 50% discount for a 2X multiple in an MFN SAFE that converts to equity





If you need a bigger team but don't have the budget to add headcount right now, product design financing can save you 50% of the operating costs without sacrificing quality or speed.



Products with user-interfaces that are engaging increase retention which can raise customer lifetime value (LTV1) to 3X CAC2
1 LTV = Annual revenue per customer * time retained
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Products with network-effects have core features that increase distribution which can lower customer acquisition cost (CAC2) to 1/3 LTV1
2 CAC = All annual expenses / total number of customers



“Design-driven companies outperform S&P by 228% over 10 years.” DMI
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1. Roadmap
We plan how your ideal first features map to business value so when your product is released you’ll be able to measure which features raise LTV and which ones lower CAC.
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2. Interface
We create consistent and reusable design patterns to make product development more efficient (lowering CAC) and make the product experience more desirable (raising LTV).
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3. Experience
We create intuitive user experiences that guide people from start to finish——removing obstacles to lower CAC, adding delight to raise LTV.
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4. Accessibility
We make every touchpoint easy to interact with to prevent user errors (lowering CAC) and increase conversions (raising LTV).
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5. Interactions
We design interactions between the user and the interface to increase engagement, which raises LTV. Ignoring interaction design will increase churn and lower LTV.
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6. Network Effects
We design features that have personal value and social value so the product becomes more valuable as the number of people using it increases. This lowers CAC.
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7. Management
We can organize and prioritize work by managing issues for your engineering team end-to-end, so everyone knows the true impact of each feature on LTV/CAC.
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8. Engineering
We ship software in releases that follow the same format as the product roadmap. With this pairing, you can optimize LTV/CAC to the ideal 3:1 ratio so your product can scale profitably.


“The potential for design-driven growth is enormous.” McKinsey
Vector graphic of MoveMoney logoCoinFX app icon
To make it possible for families to send smaller amounts of money from the U.S. to Mexico more often for 50% less than PayPal®, we designed the UI+UX and did the front-end development for
Launched 9/2023
Highnote app iconHighnote app icon
To help hospitals reduce the turnover of medical professionals, Highnote gives specialists at every level a way to help each other remotely.
Launched 5/2022
Tomorrow app iconEthos app icon
To help people prepare for risk in minutes instead of months, the Tomorrow app helps families make hard decisions together and instantly creates ready-to-sign legal docs in all 50 states. Series-A funded.
Acquired by Ethos 1/2022
The next app we design could be yoursThe next app we design could be yours
To design everything you need to ship an app in 22 weeks, we offer 50% discount for a higher upside in equity. Put 2% down and pay the 48% balance in 5 monthly installments.
Start Q1/2024
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