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We build products to fulfill the brand promise you make to every customer.


We co-design everything we create so you get 2x the quality and 2x the speed all without the 2x up-front cost. Here's how: When we find a partner we believe in, we offer a 50% discount for a 2x upside in a SAFE that only converts if you raise your next preferred equity round. That way, we only win when you win. Until then, we're in it together.



managing Partner
Software product designer / Sales engineer, Product-led growth, SaaS metrics  / Prev. Co-founder & CPO at Tomorrow (Acq. Ethos), Amazon / Seed investor: Coinbase, Instacart.
photo of Erik Kjell



managing Partner
Digital product designer / UI+UX, Web Development, Animation, Illustration / Prev. Head of Design at Tomorrow (Acq. Ethos) / Hagerty (NYSE: HGTY) Labs and Marketplace.
photo of Joshua Martens
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