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Yousif Memon (CEO, co-founder),
We would love to help you build the #1 e-commerce car marketplace for verification, escrow, financing and insurance. Because we believe in your vision, we're open to reducing our up-front design fees for more potential upside. Pricing below includes an optional 50% discount1 for a 2X multiple2 in an MFN SAFE in your next funding round.
- Erik Kjell, and Joshua Martens
Phase 1

Brand Design

We will develop a comprehensive brand system that builds your business


We will share inspirational ideas to align on a brand voice and personality


You will get a category-leading symbol or wordmark you can trademark

Brand Book

You will get a deck that provides brand standards and guidelines
Phase 2

Product Design

We will design an ecommerce marketplace for car verification and escrow


You will get a Product Requirements Document for your V1.0 release


You will get a UI+UX that will help you scale to your millions of users


You will get a styleguide with typography and colors built on your brand

Design System

You will get a component library ready for Storybook implementation


You will get high-fidelity screens and flows fully designed in Figma


You will get a custom, scroll-animated marketing website
Optional Add-ons

Investor Deck

You can get an investor deck to raise 1 round of capital
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