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Scale / 1-10M Users

Redesign your UI+UX

to raise NRR1 up to


%2 within

26 weeks.

1 Net Revenue Retention (NRR) measures gain and loss from your existing customers
2 125% is possible when your earnings from revenue expansion exceeds revenue contraction




You can increase the NRR you earn over time from existing customers to 125% if what you gain by upselling and cross-selling (expansion) is more than what you lose by churn and downgrades (contraction).
1 Net Revenue Retention (NRR) measures gain and loss from your existing customers



Designing user-interfaces to increase retention can raise your customer lifetime value (LTV1) to 3x CAC2 (3:1)
1 LTV = Annual revenue per customer * time retained
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Designing network-effects to increase distribution can lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC2) to 0.33 LTV1 (3:1)
2 CAC = All annual expenses / total number of customers



“Design-driven companies outperform S&P by 228% over 10 years.” DMI
Vector graphic of Dior logoHagerty app icon
To improve conversion rates for Dior's mobile ecommerce experience, we're conducting a UX audit, re-designing the UI of the buying experience, and doing multivariate A/B testing in 2024.
Started 8/2023
MoneyLion app iconMoneyLion app icon
To increase transaction volume and show the network effects of international remittance, we prototyped a white-labeled MoveMoney™ experience inside the native MoneyLion app.
Presented 12/2022
Hagerty app iconHagerty app icon
To reduce policy churn when an insured vehicle sells, we helped design Hagerty Marketplace – a timed digital auction platform for buying and selling classic cars. Publicly listed 12/2021 (NYSE: HGTY).
Launched 11/2022
The next app we design could be yoursThe next app we design could be yours
To redesign, prototype, or build your V.Next app, choose what you want, schedule a kick-off call, put 2% down and get full delivery within 2 quarters.
Start Q4/2023 or Q1/2024